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Reduce Exhaust Noise up to 75%

Reduce Carbon Monoxide at least 90%

Does not interfere with boat handling or performance.

Does not change the shape of the wake.

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Station Wagon Effect

FAE Sucks exhaust

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Carbon Monoxide

The Carbon Monoxide reduction with Fresh Air Exhaust is ASTONISHING.

The Centers for Disease Control conducted a study of Fresh Air Exhaust for the U.S. Coast Guard and reported a reduction of boat carbon monoxide of at least 90%

Frequently, after a day on the lake, we feel irritable, nauseous, or have a headache. We typically blame the sun, the wind, the beer, a hard fall, or simply exhaustion. We may be experiencing the subtle toxic effects of Carbon Monoxide. Engine exhaust and Carbon Monoxide are pulled into the back of the boat due to the Station Wagon Effect. Click here to see the "Station Wagon Effect" Video.

station wagon effect

The Station Wagon Effect is aggravated by:

- Traveling slowly (No Wake Zone)
- A tailwind (a breeze from behind)
- More weight in the rear of the boat - such as V-Drive boats, Wakeboarding, and Wake Surfing

The effects of Carbon Monoxide are cumulative; the longer your exposure, the greater the health risk. Inboard boats are inherently safe, yet they all produce dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide; even boats with Ultra Low Emission engines.

Children, the elderly, and anyone with asthma or other lung condition are especially vulnerable.

Pregnant women need to be extra cautious because the developing fetus is particularly susceptible to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The following graph shows average Carbon Monoxide levels at 10 mph. The red lines show the levels of Carbon Monoxide with a standard exhaust. The level at the swim platform can exceed 1000 ppm. The small green lines show the levels of Carbon Monoxide with Fresh Air Exhaust installed; these levels were 1 ppm average.

Please see the "Station Wagon Effect" Video.

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Noise Reduction

Independent testing and customer reviews report that Fresh Air Exhaust reduces boat engine exhaust noise between 50 to 75%. Testing has demonstrated that Fresh Air Exhaust is the quietest exhaust system available. At the top of this page is a Flash program where you can hear a boat with and without FAE.

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Fresh Air Exhaust sucks the exhaust out of the engine so there is no loss in engine performance. The following chart shows boat speed, with and without FAE. The typical boat loses one to two MPH of top end speed due to the small amount of drag from the part of the FAE in the water.

Also, fuel consumption is unchanged.

As the boat moves forward, the water flowing past FAE creates a venturi and the exhaust is literally Sucked out of the engine. The venturi suction reaches 50 mph. Watch the "FAE Sucks" video to see this demonstrated.

Our customers tell us that the boat's wake is essentially unchanged for slalom, wakeboarding and wake surfing and that boat handling is also unchanged.

The FAE testing shown in the graphs and pictures above were performed on a 2001 Tige 20i with a Mercruiser 350 Mag engine, measured by GPS and electronic fuel monitor. This engine is typical though your results may vary.

There are over 950 FAE installed, including several by boat manufacturers and there have been NO performance or warranty issues.

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More Information

Does FAE interfere with boat handling or my wake?
No. Our customers report no change in boat handling or their slalom, surf or wakeboard wakes.

Do I have to remove FAE to wakeboard?
No. Once you install it, you can forget it. You will want to check occasionally to confirm that all mountings are tight, but other than that, you can ignore it.

Can I still trailer my boat with FAE installed?

Do I have to modify my existing exhaust system to mount FAE?

Do I have to drill holes in my boat to mount FAE?
For most boats, 2 to 4 small holes are drilled on the underside of the swim platform.

Can my FAE hit the bottom of the lake?
FAE is positioned higher than the propeller; you would hit bottom with your propeller before FAE struck. FAE is designed to slip loose if this should happen and can easily be re-attached.

My boat has an "Ultra Low Emissions" engine. Is there still a risk of CO poisoning?
The Ultra Low Emissions standards do NOT cover Carbon Monoxide. If you have an Ultra Low Emissions boat, do not be lulled into a false sense of security; your engine still produces lethal levels of CO.

Will FAE interfere with my boat warranty?
There are over 800 FAE installed including several by boat manufacturers, and all boat engine manufacturers have been introduced to FAE. No boat or engine manufacturer has stated a warranty issue with FAE. If your boat engine is under warranty we recommend you install an optional flapper to comply with warranty requirements. Also, you can have your boat dealer perform the FAE installation.

Reports - Click on the following to view

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) studied Fresh Air Exhaust for the U.S. Coast Guard

Carbon Monoxide Exposure Associated With Towed Watersports

Carbon Monoxide Emissions and Exposures on Recreational Boats - Lake Mead

Carbon Monoxide Emissions and Exposures on Recreational Boats - Lake Norman

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Absolutely Awesome!

It works so well I almost forget it's even there.

Thanks. You have the best customer service hands down.

Working great, very quiet, some of the best money I've spent on the boat.

I recently installed the FAE system on my 2004 Malibu Sunsetter Lxi. I needed to reduce the noise level on my boat as the neighbors on my small lake were upset about our early morning weekend slalom course skiing. The installation was easy, the support was great and the noise level of the boat is down considerably. No more complaints. The slalom wake is not affected, nor is the handling or acceleration.

Since installing Fresh Air Exhaust my boat is 75% quieter and the handling has been transparent. I don't even know that it's there. I am also greatly relieved that the issue of CO has been virtually solved. The passengers in the rear of my boat are safer than ever before.

Wake surfing is a new pleasure now. The exhaust fumes are eliminated and we are no longer sucking on 'em. Exhaust noise is greatly reduced and is very easy to talk to the person surfing, the stereo is much easier to hear and the wakeboard wake is unchanged. I am extremely pleased with the performance, construction and finish. Thanks for your professional customer service. Great product!

Great system installed this weekend worked great and sounds super or doesn’t sound super. unbelievable.

All I can say is WOW!!! The FAE on my 1999 Wakesetter made a HUGE difference. It has always been very loud. The engine noise at Full Throttle was very Overwhelming, especially to my stereo system. I often Video Record boarders. The camera I use is a High Def Sony with a Hard Drive. The very loud low frequency sound of the engine often caused a buffer underrun error while recording.

With the FAE installed I can BARELY hear the engine. I videoed all day with absolutely no problems with hard drive errors. The most prevalent noise now is the water splashing the side of the boat. Even at Full Throttle, you can barely hear the engine. I can't believe how much of a difference it makes. It would be safe to say that it's at least 75%-80% quieter and there is no more exhaust fumes for the Wakesurfers!!

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