Fresh Air Exhaust (FAE) Installation

1) First determine what type of existing exhaust outlet your boat currently has. It is either a Pipe Outlet like that shown in the picture on the left below, or it is a Flange Outlet like that shown in the picture on the right below.

Pipe Outlet ................................... Flange Outlet

2) If your boat has the Pipe Outlet, remove the hose clamps and the rubber flappers. Proceed next with Step 5 below.
If your boat has the Flange Outlet, remove the 2 screws (save them for FAE installation), stainless steel plate, and flapper from both sides. Once you remove the rubber flapper, you will see 2 more screws holding the Flange Outlet to the boat's transom. Remove those 2 screws.

3) Mount the Flange Tube (see picture below) onto the exhaust outlet of the boat. Mount the Flange Tube with the 2 longer screws removed in Step 2 and 2 screws supplied with your FAE. Use silicone seal or other appropriate sealant in the mounting holes. WARNING: you must use a sealant or boat damage will occur. The picture below on the right shows the Flange Tubes installed.

4) The FAE has been "folded" flat for shipping. Rotate the downpipe so that the longest side of the downpipe faces towards the front of the boat (see the diagram below).


5) Temporarily mount the FAE onto the boat by sliding the rubber couplings already installed on the FAE onto the exhaust pipes/flange tubes. Place the rubber coupling of the FAE onto the flange plate tube, pushing the coupling firmly into place. Soap or WD40 will help if it is difficult. It may be necessary to adjust the overall width of the FAE; the slip coupling allows for up to one inch of increased width. Do not use hose clamps yet.

6) Place the long mounting bolt (part of the hanger assembly) into the mounting tube on the FAE. Push the bolt up against the swim platform (or transom overhang), insure that the bolt is straight, and mark the swim platform (or transom overhang) where the bolt touches.


7) Remove the hanger bolt and remove the FAE from the boat.

8) Position the hanger bracket centered over the mark you just made so that the longest dimension of the hanger bracket runs left to right. Mark the (2) mounting holes for each hanger bracket.

9) Drill holes in the swim platform (or transom overhang) for the mounting bracket. WARNING, do not drill through the swim platform.

10) Install both mounting brackets (see picture below). WARNING, do not screw through the swim platform.

11) Completely remove the mounting brackets, including the screws into the swim platform.

12) Place the mounting assembly onto the FAE. Place the completed assembly back onto the boat. Screw the mounting brackets to the swim platform (use sealant if screwing into fiberglass).

13) Position all of the components so that the FAE is even and level. The front of the FAE downpipe should be straight up and down or tilted slightly back..

14) Tighten all hose clamps snugly. Tighten the hanger bolts so that the springs (or rubber sleeves) are compressed about 10%.

15) At this point, installation of FAE is complete. You should be able to push and pull on the downpipe firmly and it should remain in place. It is designed to only come loose if you should strike something.

16) If you should strike something and FAE should pull away from the flange plate tube/s, simply reposition and tighten the hose clamps again. If FAE is coming loose during normal operation, either tighten the hose clamps more, or add another set, so that there are 2 hose clamps instead of 1 holding the FAE rubber coupling onto the flange plate tube.

Please call us at 512.647.7321 if you have any questions. Your questions help us improve these instructions. We will assist with any installation difficulties that might arise.